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3 Things the Experts Taught Us About Online Video in 2014

December 18, 2014 | By Michelle Manafy, Editorial Director – DCN @michellemanafy

While television still dominates video viewing, Americans ages 18 to 64 have doubled their digital video viewing in recent years to nearly 27 minutes a day with almost two-thirds of U.S. adults watching videos online. Given that educated, affluent, and younger Americans are the largest consumers of digital video, it isn’t a big surprise that ad dollars are following these attractive eyeballs. Digital video advertising is growing at a rate of 43.5% year over year. And, by 2017, it is predicted that digital video advertising will make up 15% of the digital advertising market.

There are audiences to be found and revenue to be generated in online video and brands of all types are upping their video offerings. Here are some insights from industry experts to guide the way:

Video is Everywhere (or Should Be).

It’s our responsibility to know our audience, provide engaging solutions across devices, and then optimize delivery based on the real behavior impact each is having.
Greg Jackson, Chief Data Officer, Everyday Health

Millennial women want to consume information…on whatever device suits them – tablet, mobile and, increasingly, Connected TV.
Laura Rowley, Vice President, Video Production and Product for the Meredith National Media Group
@LauraRowleyNY  @MeredithCorp

While the functionality might change based on screen size and capability, the interactions and design should be familiar and cohesive. We conceive of products and experiences as capable of being multiscreen and part of a larger product portfolio / offering.
Ryan Spoon, SVP Digital Product, ESPN
@ryanspoon  @ESPN

We have the ability to be with our audience all day, every day, everywhere. We are literally in the reader’s pocket. It is incredible. We used to think in terms of one deep experience a day. Now we think about delivering a core reader that deep experience plus making ten other touch points a day. We are holding their hand in line at the grocery store and keeping them company on a long subway ride.
Kate Lewis, VP, Hearst Magazines Digital Media
@kcwl  @HearstCorp

There is a shift away from TV to online, set top boxes and mobile. Sooner or later, it will hit a point of no return, where video is not just the domain of what is happening on TV.
Andrew Lipsman, Vice President of Marketing & Insights, comScore

All of the experiences, from one screen to the next, need to act in concert with one another, resulting in an overall experience that is greater than the sum of the individual parts.
Rob Hayes, EVP Digital Media, NBCUniversal

Be Creative with Creation.

Taking it across four typical distribution paths – TV, OTT, Web, Mobile – will yield a different approach to how the content is developed and produced. Within each of those distribution paths there’s also an additional layer of UX that will inevitably dictate how audiences interact with that content; the key is to be as far upstream and as aware of your goals as possible.
Gabriel Lewis, EVP Development & Strategy Maker Studios
@TheGabrielLewis  @MakerStudios

When it comes to reaching your audience on a medium like YouTube, you have to be more creative and work with the existing talent.
Claire Tavernier, Managing Director, Channel Flip Media
@CTav  @channelflip

It is still early days for this play in digital video and we are eager to learn from our audiences what they want and what works. That’s the great value digital brings: We get immediate feedback and we can continue to learn and experiment.
Molly Baldwin, Director of Editorial Operations for GolfDigest.com

Hire a video team with TV and analytics experience to collaborate with magazine editors instead of just telling the magazine staff to “do video.”
Laura Rowley, Vice President, Video Production and Product for the Meredith National Media Group
@LauraRowleyNY  @MeredithCorp

The entire BI team is involved in creating video now. Find universal, evergreen topics that will appeal to your audience and make videos people want to share.
Justin Maiman Executive Producer of Video, Business Insider
@JMAIMAN @businessinsider

Video is a Millennial Must.

Video is a natural communication medium for anyone under the age of 25.
Jim Louderback, GM of Discovery Digital Networks
@jlouderb  @DiscoveryDN

We’d be crazy not to do a deep dive into digital video. We know that it is how millennial women want to consume information.
Laura Rowley, Vice President, Video Production and Product, Meredith National Media Group
@LauraRowleyNY  @MeredithCorp

Millennials want a seamless, any-screen, digital-first experience with analytics-driven personalization—all priced significantly lower than pay TV.
Todd Beilis, Managing director for the Media & Entertainment, Accenture

For younger and international audiences, mobile video has been an opportunity for us. We do see that our video skews younger so it introduces new audiences into NYT premium journalism.
Sara Poorsattar, The New York Times’ Director of Video Products
@saraparveen @nytimes

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