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Inside DCN’s Next Conversation: Millennials

April 14, 2015 | By Lisa Abourezk, SVP Marketing—DCN

This is the second segment in our three-part series from the DCN The Next Conversation dinner — an event we hosted inside the Digiday Publishers Summit in Vail, CO on March 26th. This time we cover a topic that’s arguably over-analyzed and bordering on eye-roll inducing: Millennials. But this demographic is increasingly prevalent in our workforce and we need to  make the most of them in our organizations as we seek to engage them as audiences. So we felt it was an important discussion to have with the folks gathered around our table — the media leaders who are hiring and managing the next generation of talent and are the cultivators of organizational culture.

Some highlights:

“I think there’s a great amount of discourse and discussion and openness that comes from employing people who say ‘why’”.

–Brendan Spain, US Commercial Director, FT.com

“…We’re not all like that. Treating us like everyone else is really important. BusinessInsider embraces Millennials but they don’t call us ‘Millennials’”

–Michelle Denhart, Sales Development Director, Business Insider

“Hire young people who are smart and do cool things around them and you’ll be fine. Let them shape the workplace.”

–Neil Vogel, CEO, About.com

“A Facebook audience is very different than a Twitter audience which is very different than a Snapchat audience. As a publisher I’m going to publish and promote content in each of those individual areas based on what I know about that audience in that area. So, I’m not doing it specifically for a Millennial.”

–Lauri Baker, VP, Brand Strategy, Huffington Post

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