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Inside DCN’s Next Conversation: Revenue Diversification

April 15, 2015 | By DCN

Revenue diversification is the final topic in the three-part series taken from our invite-only dinner The Next Conversation—an event we hosted inside the Digiday Publishers Summit in Vail, CO on March 26th. It’s a topic we think and talk a lot about with our members—from podcasting to events to eCommerce and subscriptions – digital content companies are well aware that advertising won’t fully pay for the great content of the future. And one clear take-away is that all forays into new streams of revenue must align with and complement one’s brand. Context matters.

Some highlights:

“You have to diverse your portfolio in terms of revenue. Whether it’s through subscription, events…you cannot have 70% of your revenue coming from advertising and only 30% of your revenue coming from elsewhere. It has to be more balanced”

—Steve Suthiana, Global Head, Digital and Media Operations, Mansueto Ventures


“You’re really looking for a path that allows your users to demonstrate loyalty and that grows your revenue separate and apart from ad dollars”

—Paul Marcum, Head of Global Digital Video, Bloomberg

“I think what Vice has done really well is bring equity back to the brand.”

—Lindsay Nelson, VP, Vox Creative, Vox Media

“Content is king.”

—Brian Danza, CTO, Daily Caller


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