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IBM Plays Up Reusable Content

September 2, 2014 | By Reading List

Although TV still prevails among media platforms, audience screen time is shifting as digital video becomes more prevalent. Ann Rubin, vice president of branded content and global creative at IBM, spoke with eMarketer’s Danielle Drolet about how best to reach the fragmented viewers on any screen.Ann Rubin Headshot

“Today in the industry, content is becoming more and more
important. And it’s targeted, individualized and personalized…

It’s becoming less about creating some TV spot or advertising content. Instead, create content that could be reused and repurposed.”

From content creation to optimal delivery, Rubin Ann Rubin offers some terrific insights on making the most of your content investment.  Join us at Content All Stars September 18th to hear how Rubin and IBM approach their content marketing initiatives.

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