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New DCN Research on Gen Z’s Media Habits Shows High Quality, Trust, and Privacy Drives Loyalty to Digital Media Brands

September 13, 2021 | By DCN

NEW YORK– September 13, 2021 – Digital Content Next (DCN), the only trade association exclusively dedicated to trusted, high-quality digital content brands, has released new, members-only research, “Gen Z Digital Media Attitudes, Values & Behavior.” The research offers a profile of Gen Z’s attitudes, values and behavior regarding digital content and insight into how to translate their experience to drive audience reach and engagement. Conducted by Seidmon Associates, the research includes a Gen Y sample – as a contrasting perspective – for a deeper understanding of Gen Z.

“Understanding Gen Z’s media experiences and entertainment preferences is a priority for publishers as a proxy for the future,” said Rande Price, VP, Research, Digital Content Next. “This research shows how much Gen Z values video content and digital subscriptions – a positive sign for the direction our members and the industry are headed.”

Research highlights include:

  • For Gen Z, high quality, trust, and privacy are the key attributes that most influence their loyalty to digital media brands.
  • Gen Z value video more than any other media platform.
  • Gen Z know the media brands they trust and go directly to news publishers for their information.
  • Gen Z prefer shorter, user-generated content more than company-produced content because of their short attention spans and because it feels more authentic and honest and relatable.
  • As a young cohort, Gen Zers are heavy consumers of digital subscriptions. While most of their subscriptions are paid video services, they are not necessarily paying for all of them. Password sharing is common.
  • Gen Z think racial equality, diversity, and inclusion is the #1 issue companies should care about.

“Gen Z Digital Media Attitudes, Values & Behavior” was a U.S. online survey of 1,556 respondents: 792 Gen Z (aged16-24) and 764 Gen Y (aged 25-40). The survey was fielded May 14-June 5, 2021. The research was unveiled to DCN members at a virtual event on Monday, September 13.

To view the full research report visit the report post.  Please note the report is for DCN members only and will require a login.