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Publishing is essential for marketing growth

February 10, 2016 | By Rande Price, Research VP – DCN
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Publishing is a prerequisite for effective content marketing. According to Forbes’ new CMO Practice report, “Publish or Perish” nearly all of the surveyed marketing executives (95%) agreed that effective content marketing is critical to the success of their company’s growth strategies. Further, eighty percent of marketing executives stated that successful content marketing is important to building and differentiating the brand. Today’s CMOs reported allocations of 25% or more of their marketing budget to content creation.

Brand publishing allows corporations to be agile in delivering new and diverse marketing programs to their customers. Marketing content can also provide customer personalization and offers the ability to manage and scale large processes.

Forbes identified seven key strategies for marketing executives to manage throughout the content marketing and operations process:

  1. Content Planning – establish management teams to ensure editorial strategies and processes are in place for the production, curation and licensing of relevant and timely content.
  2. Content Sourcing – manage the quality, volume and relevance of content from both internal and external content contributors.
  3. Content Targeting – optimize content performance by customizing for specific audience segments to ensure a stronger return on investment.
  4. Content Governance – manage and control content quality, consistency and compliance by establishing content governance across the company.
  5. Content Distribution – establish processes and systems to distribute and track content across all channels and touch points.
  6. Content Assembly – create an internal content assembly team to reduce costs on operations and to easily allow for the repurpose of materials.
  7. Content Systems – leverage technology investments to increase productivity and reduce operational cost.

Marketing leaders need control over the publishing process or they and their teams will be at risk. Further, advancing content marketing is crucial to delivering actionable content in today’s digital marketplace.

For executive highlights: http://www.cmo-practice.forbes.com/advice/.

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