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CMOs Report that Content Marketing is Effective

July 24, 2015 | By Research Team—DCN

Spredfast partnered with The CMO Club to survey over 200 Fortune 500 CMOs from around the country. They were asked questions about their biggest priorities, their challenges for 2014, and what they have found to be the best ways to engage their audiences. As they report, “with attention so fractured, it’s not surprising that 95% of CMOs surveyed are relying on content marketing to engage their audiences every step of the way.” And, not only do the majority of CMOs think this tactic gets results, they’re allocating budgets accordingly.

  • 95% said that content marketing is important to their business in 2014.
  • 66% of CMOs surveyed expect their content marketing efforts to yield a positive ROI in 2014.
  • 95% of CMOs say that they believe “creating and finding new, timely, and engaging content is one of my biggest challenges in 2014.”
  • 87% find social media to be the most engaging digital medium for serving real-time content

The full study offers additional comments from these CMOs including what they are focused on, the challenges they face, and what can be done to overcome said challenges.

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