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Streaming strategies are essential for publishers

March 15, 2022 | By Rande Price, Research VP – DCN

Consumers increasingly cut the cable cord and spend more of their TV time on connected televisions (CTV) enjoying over-the-top (OTT) streaming content. eMarketer forecasts this year’s cord-cutting population will climb to 55.1 million people in the United States. Further, according to the Leichtman Research Group, a connected TV is found in at least 80% of all TV households, and 60% of these viewers in the U.S. watch free ad-supported TV streaming (FAST) services. 

Tubi, an ad-supported streaming service owned by Fox Corporation released new research, Audience Insights 2022, which explores what is driving the streaming market. According to the report, early adopters jumped to ad-supported streaming services as an alternative to cable subscriptions. Numerous content options also attract new audiences. Many streamers offer extensive libraries of TV hits, nostalgia, and familiarity. Others feature originals content that feels current, trendy, and innovative. While still others include new blockbuster films or breaking news.

If publishers haven’t already, now is the time to launch a streaming product that leverages their intellectual property (IP) to attract audiences and remain competitive. Options include AVOD (ad-supported video on demand), which provides audiences with a customized and on-demand experience. The marketplace is ripe, and the revenue opportunities are robust.

Booming market

Consumers easily access their Smart TVs, or streaming devices offer simple shortcuts to OTT video. There are many services available in the U.S, and it’s common for a large company to have multiple services. Paramount Global has several paid and free services such as Paramount+, Showtime, BET+, CBS News, and Pluto TV. According to Tubi’s findings, Americans spend $65 a month on average on approximately 4.2 streaming subscriptions.

Tubi conducted its study among 6,000 U.S. adults who stream to understand the barriers to AVOD. Streamers look for an easy onboarding process and simple and intuitive navigation. However, one in four adults report that they don’t believe a service is free because upselling is involved. Further, 23% say that they think there are strings attached.  

Given streaming’s audience growth, OTT is now the fastest-growing long-form video platform in advertising sales. Interestingly, upfront CTV advertising sales grew 50% in 2021 and is expected to grow another 32% this year.  

Advertising value

Tubi also conducted a study with Advertiser Perceptions, showing that 56% of marketers rate the cost-effectiveness of streaming investment as a 9 or 10 on a ten-point scale. eMarketer predicts strong year-over-year advertising growth – citing $17.4 billion advertising spend on CTV in 2022.

Advertisers value streaming audiences and platforms:

  1. Offer incremental reach of limited linear channels,
  2. Ability to target hard-to-reach on linear like Gen Z and Millennials and Hispanic, Black, and multicultural audiences.
  3. Relevant audiences for targeting higher income and core demographic targets.
  4. Brand-safe environments in extensive content libraries.

Tubi expects older, more educated, and affluent households to continue adopting streaming options this year. The research names OTT as an essential strategy for 2022. It offers new digital distribution channels, instant access to potential viewers, and new opportunities to attract advertisers.

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