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Pre-roll is the most informative and engaging video ad format

April 21, 2017 | By DCN

As brands continue to identify the most impactful video advertising formats, the report shared detailed insights about which format elicits the strongest consumer reaction. IPG Media Lab and YuMe recently released the results of a study that looks at user experience across video ad formats and devices, performance against brand KPIs and optimizing performance across video ad formats. Their report, Ad Format (R)evolution finds that pre-roll remains a solid, formidable platform in which to showcase brand offerings. Compared to mid-roll and outstream, pre-roll is considered the least interruptive across devices, with only 17% of mobile device users feeling the ad interrupts the content, compared with 60% on outstream and 72% on mid-roll.

Other key findings include:
  • The least intrusive formats are also the most memorable.
  • Mid-roll ranked higher in message recall for desktop viewers at 27%, compared to 8% for outstream.
  • Pre-roll feels more engaging.
  • Unskippable pre-roll is the clear winner on mobile.
  • Social video is well integrated and less disruptive to the browsing experience than other formats.
  • Mid-roll works better on larger screens.
  • More than half of those surveyed want to close both outstream and pre-roll ads immediately.

This research confirms that consumers are most critical of ads on mobile, which is their most personal device. And among the conclusions, the report emphasizes how important it is for advertising to minimize its intrusiveness and maximize engagement in order to generate higher purchase intent for all ad formats and delivery channels.

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