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Smartphones dominate digital device popularity

November 4, 2015 | By Rande Price, Research VP – DCN

Americans have an abundance of devices to choose from to meet their technology needs. Mobile phones have the highest penetration with nine in ten (92%) adults owning either a smartphone or a cellphone. Smartphones have also gain traction with 86% penetration among adults ages 18 – 29 and 83% among adults 30  – 49 reports the Pew Research Center.

Tablet penetration is next highest among adults at 45% with college students having the strongest demographic penetration at 62%. As well, given the popularity of smartphones and their ability to download and play music, MPS players registered a decline in popularity with only 4 in 10 adults (40%) having one.

Ownership of gaming systems like of Xbox and PlayStation remains at a standstill since 2010 at 40%. Portable gaming consoles such as Sony’s PSP or Nintendo’s 3DS are also stalled at 14% adult ownership dating back to 2009. Once again, smartphones may be a big contributor to its of lack growth among adults for handheld gaming systems. Users can easily download a gaming app for a nominal fee or even free on their smartphone.

Almost two in ten adults (19%) report owning an e-reader (a handheld device primarily used for reading e-books). This is a significant decline from last year when 32% of adults reported owning an e-reader. This latest Pew Research Center report confirms the appeal of the multiple utilities of a smartphone.

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