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High Volume of Generic Communications Disengage Digital Consumers

June 24, 2015 | By Rande Price, Research VP – DCN

Consumers are highly sensitive to high volumes of mass generic communications reports the Aimia Institute. The finding is based on their global online survey, among 2,000 consumers in the UK, US, France, US, Canada and India, identifying effective brand communications.

Among the key findings:

Almost three-fifths (59%) of  High Volume Sensitive consumers report that the volume of email communications they receive from brands overwhelms them, for SMS messages (60%) and for push notifications (62%).

Millennials are the generation most likely (44%) to permanently disengage with brands if they receive high volumes of mass generic email communications while Generation X is 14% more likely to fall into this group.

This study speaks to the importance of marketers tailoring their communications to consumer preferences. If not, there are clear consequences. High Sensitive Consumers report they frequently will block numbers (80%); close accounts and unsubscribe from email lists (84%); delete apps because of push notifications (82%); and unfollow brands on social channels (86%). Still High Sensitive Consumers can be a highly desirable group given their willingness to share their information as long as it is managed properly.

For more information, download the presentation.


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