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Liquid Audiences Impact Content and Marketing Strategies

June 23, 2015 | By Research Team—DCN

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and YuMe have published a new white paper “Digital Advertising Audiences: The New ‘Liquid Consumer’ Paradigm,” which collects creative, brand, agency and publishing leadership to provide insights and guidance on navigating the new “liquid audiences” that discover content across a range of mediums, devices and platforms. The report demonstrates that the need to reach the “liquid consumer” has strong and specific implications for the creation, organization, distribution, and measurement of content.

The report highlights key ways that “liquid audiences” should impact content and marketing strategies. Among them:

  • Definitions of “audience” must evolve – currently-used gender/age definitions no longer suffice
  • Unsurprisingly, “social” and “mobile” are  crucial, but both embrace a wide array of meaning and nuance, which marketers must unpack to build successful strategies
  • Understanding how someone navigates to content can be critical to connecting with that consumer
  • The industry’s fixation on KPIs and standard metrics can distract from the more important goal of building fan-bases
  • The line between “marketing” and “content” continues to fade – it’s all storytelling

The complete “Digital Advertising Audiences: The New ‘Liquid Consumer’ Paradigm” whitepaper is available for download.

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