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Cox Launches Gamut, a New Company Addressing Evolving Needs

October 14, 2014 | By Michelle Manafy, Editorial Director – DCN @michellemanafy
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These days, media leaders are betting on a cross platform future. Reading signs from advertisers and publishers alike, CoxReps recently launched a new company, Gamut, to offer a full spectrum of support and media solutions. Gamut combines the assets and strengths of what were formerly Cox Digital Solutions and Cox Cross Media to offer a suite of capabilities and a streamlined service for publishers, advertisers, agencies and small-to-mid sized businesses.

Gene Pizzolato, president and general manager of Gamut, says that Cox Media Group started as a group of publishers and that the new company will stay true to that foundation. He adds that the company recognizes increasing convergence in the marketplace and, with the launch of Gamut, will better provide “expertise, efficiency, data, audience and innovation by combining these two aspect of our business.” Pizzolato says the company has seen growth in cross-platform demand, “Brand advertisers are increasingly asking for multiplatform solutions, they want TV but they also want solutions that includes display, digital video and mobile.”

Gamut is comprised of four channels of solutions: Programmatic+, which enables publishers to maximize yield for their inventory with a real-time pricing engine; Reps+, featuring an experienced team that guides campaigns through the full lifecycle; Reach+, a turnkey wholesale product for publishers to generate cross-channel ad revenue; and CrossMedia+, offering custom solutions for integrated, multimarket television-driven campaigns, complemented by digital solutions at a local, regional or national scale.

Programmatic has been a touchy subject for digital media companies. However Cox — and others — are taking an approach that allows them to offer programmatic as part of a range of solutions that leverage its efficiencies while providing other services to enhance marketing outcomes and publisher revenue. “From a revenue standpoint, if you look at our Programmatic+, Reach+ and Reps+, those are pure digital solutions that offer value to both the publisher and advertisers,” says Pizzolato. “We see a big opportunity in our programmatic solution to offer private exchanges and premium direct programmatic solutions to agencies and marketers in 2015. We have a quality base of supply on publishers’ side that is very attractive to advertisers.”

Gamut’s programmatic offering will “cut across three screens,” according to Pizzolato who emphasizes that it will be enhanced by direct sellers through Reps+ and by the organizations’ complementary TV solutions. “We sit in a good place with our publishing partners. The technology we offer is designed to drive yield for publishers, not secure lowest yield, which in turn pays off by them providing us more premium inventory to offer advertisers. Other channels give us the opportunity to drive demand for our publishing partners.”

As the media industry continues to migrate towards the digital landscape, Pizzolato believes that there will be a greater role for both technology and human service in the media buying and selling process. Gamut represents Cox Media’s vision for the future, which is “to continue to offer a spectrum of services that provide best-of-class innovation that adapts with the needs of our clients. This may manifest itself in several forms, but will remain rooted in our core belief that powerful technology, deep expertise, cross-channel capabilities and a streamlined process will provide both our publisher and agency partners maximum benefit.”

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