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Q&A: Eric Korsh, SVP, Brand Social.Content, DigitasLBi on Content Marketing

July 15, 2014 | By Danielle Block, Director, Agency & Advertiser Relations - DCN
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This Q&A is part of OPA’s “Three on Three” series where we ask three industry executives the same three questions on a topic to uncover actionable insights… If you want to learn more, keep an eye out on our site for more interviews. Today’s Three on Three interview is with Eric Korsh, SVP, Brand Social.Content, DigitasLBi on Content Marketing.

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Q: How are you selecting partners to work with on content marketing? What is the ideal number of partners and way to purchase content marketing programs?

A: It’s nice to have a preferred set of partners, but of course most concepts require custom content, and you may not want comedy experts working on dramatic documentaries. So partners are developed broadly, but care is taken at the RFP stage to engage the right creators.

Because there are multiple ways to purchase content, including through media, brand marketing and public relations investment, there are multiple criteria depending on the objectives and measurement that may make one partner more interesting than another. Often, we find that niche partners can create the richest content – and we are able to achieve scale through other means. Other advantages to niche partnerships are the ability to deliver a more engaged, sometimes rabid audience, as well as willingness to create additional content that can amplify a program across multiple channels.

Q: What has been the most effective use case for content marketing and how did you prove success?

A: It’s hard to name single programs, but we have had a lot of success with millennial influencer programs that allow the right content creators to make things that they know will appeal to their organically-built audience. Brands that are comfortable with content coming from outside of the fortress have the most success with these kinds of efforts. We have run successful programs like this with Taco Bell’s “Feed the Beat” and Lenovo’s “Tough Season.”

In terms of success – we know what it will look like in advance because we align with the client. As noted earlier, there are media metrics, engagement and brand marketing metrics, so different tactics are used to drive the kinds of results that are meaningful in any individual case. Broadly speaking – we believe in authenticity. We ask ourselves, as consumers, why anyone would care about what it is we are creating, and why it would be shared.

Specifically, while content has proven to be effective at driving upper funnel awareness and consideration metrics, and lower level product or service use, we are seeing more cases of mid-funnel tactics. Bridges between pure entertainment and a hard sales pitch.

Q: What is the future of content marketing?

A: The future of content marketing is the future of marketing. Not forever, but the foreseeable future.

As Senior Vice President, Brand Social.Content for DigitasLBi, Eric leads the development of digital brand social, content strategy and execution for DigitasLBi clients.  Clients include Harley-Davidson, Puma, Lenovo, Buick and GMC. Prior to DigitasLBi, Eric spent 25 years as a producer of episodic television, TV commercials, feature and documentary films, and music videos. He was formerly COO of Scout Productions.

Note: This Q&A is part of OPA’s “Three on Three” series where we ask three industry executives the same three questions on a topic to gain perspective and uncover actionable insights.

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