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A timeline of the YouTube brand safety debacle

March 31, 2017 | By Michelle Manafy, Editorial Director – DCN @michellemanafy

The link between a positive sentiment around context and ad effectiveness has been established. And, though there’s not yet been definitive research on the subject, the reverse seems an intuitive given. Ads running in negative or unfavorable contexts would be less effective.

So, it might seem that the recent uproar around Google YouTube ad placement could be seen as a boon for premium publishers. But as has been well-documented, a lack of marketer trust in digital advertising is bad for the entire ecosystem, not simply the bad (or careless) actors. So it is with great interest that our industry has watched Google’s YouTube brand safety saga unfold.

Here are the highlights of how the story has developed so far:

March 16, 2017
March 17, 2017
March 21, 2017
March 22, 2017
March 23, 2017
March 24, 2017
March 25, 2017
March 26

FT | Advertisers seek Google discounts in video backlash

March 27, 2017
March 28, 2017
March 29, 2017
March 30, 2017
March 31, 2017
April 3, 2017
April 4, 2017
April 28, 2017
May 15, 2017
October 12, 2018
February 2019

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