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Growing the receptivity of digital ads

October 21, 2015 | By Rande Price, Research VP – DCN @Randeloo

Multiscreen users spend the same amount of time viewing video on TV as they do on digital platforms, yet they are less receptive to digital ads reports Millward Brown’s research, “AdReaction: Video Creative in a Digital World.” The study surveyed more than 13,500 multiscreen viewers (for example, people who own a TV and either a smartphone or tablet) in 42 countries on video usage and what they think about video advertising. Now that video ads are playing across multi-platforms, new creative approaches in advertising are essential to ensure consumer receptivity is strong across all screens.

The average consumer, across the globe, between the ages of 16 and 45 in today’s media environment watches 204 minutes of video a day, split equally between TV and online. Forty-five minutes of the average online viewing time is done on a smartphone, while desktop accounts for 37 minutes and tablet for 20 minutes. Digital’s share of total video minutes is higher (42%) among 16-24 year olds among 35-45 year olds than (29%).

It is important to note that consumers reported 50% negativity toward smartphone video ads with computers and tablets trailing at 46% and 45% negativity, respectively. In contrast, live TV had just 30% negativity toward ads. Interestingly, ad viewing using mobile app rewards, where users watch videos to advance to a new level or get tools, rated 54% in favorability, making it the most preferred digital advertising format and skippable pre-rolls (44% positive) and skippable mobile pop-ups (41%) were next allowing consumers to push past their negativity toward mobile ads.

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