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Sports fans are twice as likely to watch sports on TV than on the Internet

October 6, 2015 | By Rande Price, Research VP – DCN

Television is still the primary and preferred platform for viewing sports reports Frank N. Magid Associates in their study conducted for ONE World Sports. In fact more than three-quarters of sports fans (77%) stated that they often (“often” or “every chance I get”) watch sports on television versus 37% of sports fans that stated they often watch sports streamed online.

With many sports fans cutting the cord to pay-tv, viewers are shifting to alternative platforms. In fact, half of broadband subscribers (51%) cut the cord to a pay-tv subscription more than 5 years ago and another 25% cut the cord within the past two years.

Interestingly, while TV still dominates sports viewing, more than half of sports fans (57%) reported that they watch sports streamed online. Top ranking platforms for viewing appear to stack up according to screen size and accessibility with computers at 37%, followed by over-the-top (OTT) to a TV at 26% and tablet and smartphone both at 25%.

The study and findings appear consistent with television and digital viewing patterns of sports related content. Live-event viewing is a must for sports fans and now there are options to watch it live on the best screen available.

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