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Mobile Marketing on the Rise

April 28, 2015 | By Research Team—DCN

The IAB Mobile Center has released the third edition of its Marketer Perceptions of Mobile Advertising research. Based on the responses of 200 top-level brand marketing executives, the new figures show that two in five (41%) marketers agreed that mobile programmatic advertising would help them reach their target audiences. However, only 27% of marketers in total are actually buying inventory in this way, with 18% using private exchanges and 17% using open exchanges (some use both). The 2015 survey also asked about sources of mobile ad budgets. While a large share of mobile ad spend represents new ad dollars, about one-third came from substitution, in which funds from other media were shifted to mobile advertising. Print, PC, and TV budgets are all affected by the shift of dollars to mobile.

IABmultiscreenKey findings from Marketer Perceptions of Mobile Advertising:

  • Marketers expect that their spending on mobile advertising will increase over the next two years: 14% anticipate it will rise by more than 50% while 57% expect it to rise by less than 50%.
  • About one-third of mobile advertising spend is substitution from other channels, with print media hit hardest (58%), followed by PC digital and TV.
  • Marketers in our 2014 survey show a high level of satisfaction with the results of their mobile marketing activities. The majority is either satisfied (50%) or fairly satisfied (37%) while a further 8% completely satisfied.
  • Marketers show a strong interest in mobile programmatic, as 41% agree that it will help them reach target audiences. However, relatively few are actually buying mobile inventory programmatically today: 18% via private exchanges and 17% via open exchanges.
  • Marketer uneasiness over potential data privacy issues is pronounced: 37% of respondents in 2014 cited privacy as a very important issue compared to 22% in 2013.
  • In the current survey 29% of respondents said multiscreen advertising is very important to their
    digital advertising strategy, compared to 21% in the 2013 survey. A further 48% of brands in the current survey view multiscreen as important, compared to 46% in 2013.

New to this edition of the study, marketers were asked about another development of interest: advertising opportunities with new-generation connected devices. Connected TVs generated the most enthusiasm (73%),  followed closely behind by connected cars (69%), and wearables (66%).

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