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Q&A with Rachelle Considine, President Future US, on Cross-Platform Advertising

March 19, 2014 | By Michelle Manafy, Editorial Director – DCN @michellemanafy
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This Q&A is part of OPA’s “Three on Three” series where we ask three industry executives the same three questions on a topic to uncover actionable insights… If you want to learn more, keep an eye out on our site for more interviews. Today’s Three on Three interview is with Rachelle Considine, President Future US on the subject of cross-platform advertising.

Rachelle Considine HeadshotQ: What is the biggest hurdle in creating, selling and delivering a cross-platform advertising initiative?

A: One of the biggest hurdles we face is changing the mindset of the client/advertiser. Our users have migrated cross-platform and expect to have a seamless experience when they consume our content across various platforms. However, the advertiser does not always see the same value of an impression across platform. To help mitigate this issue, we sell one digital impression to our clients unless specified “mobile only”, “desktop only”, etc. We believe that the value should be the same if not more if you reach a person in the environment of their choice.

We recently overhauled GamesRadar to not only be a mobile optimized site but also incorporate responsive design. This has helped us with the battle as our ad performance has increased and the feedback we have received from the advertising community has been extremely positive.

Q: Describe a recent cross-platform advertising campaign that you think is particularly innovative or successful:

A: One recent cross-platform campaign we ran was for Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghosts title. We ran their creative across the desktop, mobile and tablet versions of GamesRadar. It served the advertiser’s need to reach their target wherever they were accessing gaming content.

Really, this comes back to our revamp of GamesRadar. We know that gamers are not on desktops anymore and we needed to make this site not just mobile-optimized, but truly responsive. It was important that we had a launch sponsor on board who understood what we were doing, one that is really out there testing the marketplace. We worked closely with Activision’s agency and made sure their creative looked great across screens.

In the past, our click through rate—which I am not a fan of as a measure—was not as high as our competitors. Well, Activision reported that we were the best performing site of all the gaming platforms they worked with. They got it: Activision loved the fact that the experience is built for the audience in their specific environments. It is crazy to say, but some advertisers still don’t get it. Their mindset is stuck in the desktop.

Future US Cross-Platform Activision Mobile ScreenQ: How do you approach the cross-platform sale organizationally?

A:When I joined Future in 2009, one of the first things we did was combine the sales teams. Everyone became responsible for selling across all platforms. We further consolidated the teams and they now not only sell across platform but also across brands. This has allowed us to compete for bigger advertising dollars and non-endemic clients. This was not an easy thing to do. We actually had to approach it as “change the mindset or change the people.”

We are way past the magazine sale. We don’t sell games; we don’t sell technology. We sell audience. With the cross-platform, cross-brand approach we can give advertisers a larger total reach or allow them to go after a specific audience. At the end of the day, we create content people care about. We enable the advertiser to reach an audience that is engaged and influential with their peers.

As President, Rachelle Considine oversees all of Future U.S. and is a member of Future PLC’s global management board. Previously, in her role as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Considine led all marketing and sales across Future’s games, technology, and men’s special-interest markets. She drew on her expertise in working with some of the world’s most well known brands, including Best Buy, Hyundai and 7-11, to apply new ways to connect with readers and partners to grow the company and viewership. Considine joined Future U.S. in 2009 as General Manager of the Games Advertising Group. Prior to joining Future, Considine served as Vice President of Sales for What They Like, Inc. and earlier in her career, she held several management roles in the video game industry, notably as the National Sales Director for Fox Interactive Media/IGN Entertainment and MySpace Games Group. Considine began her media career partnering with such clients as PeopleSoft, Edmunds.com and WesternUnion.com as an offline media planner, and served as an online media planner for Starcom Worldwide and Starcom IP.

Note: This Q&A is part of OPA’s “Three on Three” series where we ask three industry executives the same three questions on a topic to uncover actionable insights.

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