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The social numbers game…

March 16, 2017

By Michelle Manafy, Editorial Director - DCN

Weekly insights into the business of digital content


A numbers game: Audience and measurement dominate publishers’ social distribution strategy

Today’s myriad content delivery channels and platforms pose formidable challenges in terms of content strategy. Building an audience and understanding the value of that audience tops the list of issues for many publishers. That’s where social strategy and audience development come into play.

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Young consumers may stumble onto news, but they know what they trust when they see it

New patters of content consumption are emerging from the way teens and young adults access news. It’s not surprising that both smartphones and social media usage play a large role here. According to the James L. Knight Foundation’s new research, young consumers don’t follow the news as much as it follows them. In fact, young adults often happen upon news content by accident and then share it on social media and messaging apps.

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Gen Z: Marketing to the post-linear digital consumer

After playing catch-up to evolve their approach to reach Millennials, marketers must move quickly to connect with Generation Z. This generation, born between 1997 and 2011, is estimated to count 2 billion members globally. Gen Z will present unique challenges to marketers, adding to the already difficult slate of changes that a rapidly evolving digital marketing environment is presenting.

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212NYC Panel on 2nd Party Data - 3/28

Is second-party data missing from your digital marketing strategy? Hear from a panel of experts how an open data economy facilitates deeper audience insights and increased digital engagement. Learn ways to utilize this data to build innovative digital marketing strategies. Join top industry professionals for this 6:00-8:00PM panel event. Register now at bit.ly/2mkbKhs.



Native advertising continues to grow, but compliance issues remain

Native advertising is a compelling and profitable way for publishers to offer custom ad opportunities in the form of articles, video, programmatic and sound. What’s more, it provides a creative outlet for marketers, resulting in increased demand and desirability for publishers. With this in mind, we at MediaRadar felt it was important to take a closer look at native trends for a more thorough understanding of best practices, as well as channels.

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DCN’s must reads: week of March 16, 2017

Here are some of the best media stories our team has read so far this week: World Wide Web Foundation | Three challenges for the web, according to its inventor (6 min read) Business Insider | A bug in Google’s AMP pages is inflating traffic metrics (2 min read) The Drum | ‘The stakes are…

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