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InContext Newsletter: DCN’s weekly briefing of media news – October 4, 2018

October 4, 2018

By Michelle Manafy, Editorial Director - DCN

Weekly insights into the business of digital content


In search of a Goldilocks solution to online privacy

The time has come for privacy regulation (and even tech companies seem to be accepting this inevitability.) But it is no small challenge to make everyone happy with new regulation, with tech companies chafing at California’s strict new privacy laws and the European Union’s GDPR. So, how do we get to the “Goldilocks” policy — one that’s not too loose to protect consumers and not too strict for advertising and commerce?

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Demand for media quality is a challenge and an opportunity

It’s hard to deny that the landscape for digital publishers is a challenging one. Pools of advertising revenue are shrinking and competition is at an all-time high. This is an environment where every penny counts, and where it’s essential that premium publishers maximize the value of their inventory.

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How to build a malware-blocking defensive line-up

Malware blocking technologies can go a long way in preventing bad ads from impacting your business’ bottom line, but they’re not a one-stop solution. Much like a quarterback relies on the assistance of his teammates, blockers work better when paired with other smart technologies and tighter security policies.

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Understanding the impact, and objectives, of Google’s news patronage

New research from The European Journalism Observatory examines the impact the Google News Initiative is having on journalism. The research sheds light on who Google gives money to, what kind of projects are funded by the Internet giant, and what’s in it for Google.

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DCN’s must reads: week of October 4, 2018

Here are some of the best media stories our team has read so far this week: The Washington Post | Mainstream advertising is still showing up on polarizing and misleading sites — despite efforts to stop it (11 min read) The Wall Street Journal | Federal Prosecutors Probe Ad Industry’s Media-Buying Practices (3 min read)…

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