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InContext Newsletter: DCN’s weekly briefing of media news – October 11, 2018

October 11, 2018

By Michelle Manafy, Editorial Director - DCN

Weekly insights into the business of digital content


Why The Financial Times is going all-in on tech coverage

The Financial Times has announced plans to expand its tech coverage, acknowledging the growing influence of technology across all sectors. The move is part of a broader trend in recent years in which media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and CNN have dedicated increasing resources to this area.

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If attention is the currency for advertising, what does it take to get more?

In today’s crowded advertising landscape, consumer attention is a much sought-after currency. The question is: Do consumers respond better to quantity or quality of advertising?

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The FBI, subpoenas, and digital advertising: Rebates and transparency under investigation

The FBI has issued subpoenas Havas for issues related to rebates and transparency. Needless to say, these kind of investigations create buzz that’s bad for the digital advertising business. The rebate and transparency issue was outed years ago, and there’s been sort of a slow burn since to address these problems.

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Strategies to drive audience recirculation on your news site

Newsrooms must think about the content journey and the strategies needed to keep readers moving throughout their sites. The goal is strong recirculation, a measure that shows how much of an audience goes from one piece of content to another on the site.

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DCN’s must reads: week of October 11, 2018

Here are some of the best media stories our team has read so far this week: The New York Times | Soldiers in Facebook’s War on Fake News Are Feeling Overrun (7 min read) Reuters | EU privacy chief expects first round of fines under new law by year-end (4 min read) Wired | Google’s…

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