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InContext Newsletter: DCN’s weekly briefing of media news – December 6, 2018

December 6, 2018

By Michelle Manafy, Editorial Director - DCN

Weekly insights into the business of digital content


With ad dominance comes great responsibility for Amazon

Move over duopoly because the time has come to furrow your brow about the “triopoly.” Many marketers and publishers have grown tired of the dominance of Google and Facebook in the digital advertising space. Now they can add Amazon to the list of dominant tech rivals.

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The cookie conundrum: Complexity for publishers in the age of ecommerce and cybercrime rings

Media publishers are at a historical juncture as they face pressures from all sides. These pressures include competing content providers; readers with changing habits, expectations, and preferences; and a growing number of data privacy regulations that are forcing businesses to change how they operate. Cookies can help. But they can also be part of the problem.

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Native advertising: Is there still room to grow?

Native was once one of the hottest trends in online ads. However, the total number of advertisers has stagnated. Only about 11% of online advertisers use native formats these days. And brands that buy native ads only run them across 10% of the sites where they advertise. What caused this shift? And is there still room for growth?

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Navigating the social media advertising paradox

Marketers and media executives discuss the social media advertising paradox ad nauseum in meetings, forums, and conference panels. Still, a whole lot of advertising dollars are being invested on Facebook regardless of its lack of transparency, data sharing, and stories of the company’s mismanagement and mishandling of data. In fact, Facebook’s Q3 2018 earnings cited a 33% year-over-year increase in advertising revenue while user growth remains stagnant in its larger markets.

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DCN’s must reads: week of December 06, 2018

Here are some of the best media stories our team has read so far this week: The New York Times | Facebook Gave Some Companies Special Access to Users’ Data, Documents Show (1 min read) Mother Jones | It’s the End of News As We Know It (and Facebook Is Feeling Fine) (25 min read)…

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