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InContext Newsletter: DCN’s weekly briefing of media news – July 27, 2017

July 27, 2017

By Michelle Manafy, Editorial Director - DCN

Weekly insights into the business of digital content


Facebook’s support for subscriptions is a double-edged sword

Campbell Brown, the former NBC and CNN broadcaster who is now Facebook’s head of news partnerships, confirmed in a speech at a digital publishing conference that the social network plans to roll out support for subscriptions as part of its mobile Instant Articles platform. This plan is likely to cause some cheering in media land. As with most things involving Facebook, however, this deal sounds like a classic Faustian bargain.

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What AccuWeather’s Facebook chatbot says about AI

Artificial Intelligence is a term used to describe everything from Apple’s Siri to Google’s Deep Mind and is being leveraged for a wide range of applications from shopping to quantum computing. At its core, AI is the capacity of computing to perform tasks that correspond to decision making and learning by humans. True AI doesn’t just infer or make deductions, it understands natural language, and can develop based upon experience. Chatbots are another booming implementation of AI. That said, not all of them are powered by AI.

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SVOD subscriptions become the norm

Consumer appetite for content is going strong: Viewers watch 4 hours and 23 minutes on average per day. However, traditional TV viewing is declining while viewing of subscription video on demand (SVOD) services is growing. In fact, subscribing to a SVOD service is becoming the norm. Two-thirds of viewers now subscribe to at least one of the three big SVOD services (Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu).

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Google’s dominance in digital ad spending continues, though challengers have emerged

Experienced digital marketers know that search engine marketing, primarily Google, has served as the bread-and-butter of online lead generation since the early 2010s. And this category’s continued expansion can be seen as good news for everyone in the digital marketing ecosystem. Though Google remains the bellwether player, brands are looking to expand their digital advertising footprint, and are looking for options beyond Google.

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DCN’s must reads: week of July 27, 2017

Here are some of the best media stories our team has read so far this week:

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