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The Resource Center / Ad Fraud


While there are many challenges in the digital advertising ecosystem, ad fraud is one of the most concerning, given its growth and pervasiveness. A 2016 study conducted by the Association of National Advertisers and White Ops predicts that bots-driven ad fraud will siphon $7.2 billion globally out of the hands of advertisers, publishers and others. This not only impacts the bottom line of advertisers but also eats away at trust in publishers. As such, publishers need to be remain informed on the issue and actively engaged in solutions. This DCN Resource Center aims to provide a comprehensive view of the issue for our members, non-members and the press.

Some facts from our perspective:

  • FACT: Non-human traffic continues to drive digital ad fraud at a significant cost to marketers.
  • FACT: Overall rates of ad fraud are stable from a year ago, however, as digital ad spending increases, so does the loss to advertisers.
  • FACT: Even premium publishers are not safe from ad fraud, as higher CPM impressions are actually more vulnerable to fraud traffic.
  • FACT: Publishers who acquire traffic through third parties (sourced traffic) tend to have a higher risk of sophisticated bot activity.