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The Resource Center / Ad Blocking


The use of ad-blocking technology is on the rise, impacting the bottom lines of publishers and advertisers alike. As such, digital publishers have to get creative to create better ad experiences. This DCN Resource Center aims to provide a comprehensive view of the issue for our members, non-members and the press.

Some facts from our perspective:

  • FACT: Consumers are concerned about privacy, disruptive ad experiences, and security.
  • FACT: While ad-blockers are rising in popularity, they have not yet had a devastating impact on publishers’ ad business.
  • FACT: Publishers who value consumer engagement will benefit from creating better ad experiences that encourage users not to block ads.
  • FACT: A concerted effort is needed on behalf of publishers, advertisers, and consumers to sustain the open web.

Featured Post

7 important ad blocking issues you need to know

By Jason Kint, CEO – DCN

Ad blocking is a topic of extreme concern and we all need to be thinking hard about how we approach it so that we apply our efforts to what is most important: the consumer. To that end, I recently had an expansive conversation with Joshua Benton, director of the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University, about how worried publishers should be that ad blockers have now arrived on mobile.  Here are seven takeaways from our wide-ranging conversation.

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