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Time-Based Measurement Glossary

There are many terms that are used in discussions about time-based measurement. This glossary was gathered from recognized industry sources including MarketingTerms.com, the MRC, IAB and comScore (visit their site for additional terminology and definitions).


Ad Exposure Time

The time an ad was in view.

Attention Metrics

The attempt to measure the total time and attention a user spends with digital content.


Click-Based Metrics

Measurement based on the number of users who click on digital content.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The average number of click-throughs per hundred ad impressions, expressed as a percentage.

Cost-Per-Hour (CPH)

A system that values time-based measurement and provides a framework for trading purposes.



As a platform for digital advertising, “desktop” often refers to both laptop and desktop computer devices.

Duration Per User

The average time spent on site per user.



As it relates to mobile advertising, “in-app” refers to an environment in which ads may be delivered to a consumer through an application (app) on the mobile device. This is in contrast to the “in-browser” environment. Types of in-app environments include in-app native, in-app embedded browsers and in-app embedded ad frames.



As a platform for digital advertising, “mobile” often refers to both smartphone and tablet devices.


Page View Duration

The average time spent on page.


In digital advertising, “platform” refers to the medium in which the ad is served. This can include mobile and desktop, display and video, in-browser and in-app, as well as other media for advertising.


Session Duration

The average time spent per site visit.


Time-Based Measurement

Synonymous with attention metrics, this is the attempt to measure the time and attention a user spends with digital content.

Total Time Reading (TTR)

Blogging platform Medium uses this term internally to measure reader attention on their site pages.



The opportunity of an ad to be seen by a consumer. In order for a digital ad to be viewable, a portion of the ad must render on a consumer’s screen for a given amount of time. In the US, the MRC has recommended specific minimum requirements for viewability for ads delivered in display, video and mobile environments based on these terms. If an ad is viewable it does not mean the ad was viewed, was engaging or that it captured attention.